Why It Is Important WHO does your Botox® and other Facial Injections

I recently had a Botox® customer come to my office whom I haven’t seen in about 5 years. The patient called to request an appointment for me to check a complication she had from a recent Botox® injection she received elsewhere. I generally do not see these patients, but request that they return to whomever injected them. However, she insisted that she had already returned and was re-injected, only to...

Why I Don’t Do Groupon

I have received several emails and texts regarding a Groupon® for sclerotherapy (spider vein treatment) from a local competitor. Thank you to everyone for the heads up!  I feel compelled to write and let you know:


1. We have spent 10+ years building our clientele based on our contemporary knowledge of our field, exemplary treatments, and outcomes.   We honor the trust...