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Are lines and wrinkles getting you down?

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Neurotoxin injections have been the #1 facial rejuvenation treatment for years thanks to the popularity of BOTOX® Cosmetic and other neurotoxin treatments. Spa Medical has attained Diamond status with Allergan, putting the injectable practice among the top 2% in the country. Clinical director, Terri Harper, MSN, FNP-C, is among the most experienced providers in the US and has been an international trainer for over 15 years. Mary-Kate Hunnicutt, PA-C has trained under Terri and uses the same gentle techniques with conservative, natural results.

How Do Neurotoxins Slow Aging?

Repetitive motion of muscles around the forehead and eyes leaves the skin with lines and wrinkles, brow furrows, and crow’s feet. Neurotoxins block those movements, giving your skin a break from the crunching of muscle movement. Spa Medical offers three FDA-approved neuromodulators for treatment. The experience of our injectors will help determine the best product to address your concerns.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the king of neurotoxins. FDA-approved in 2002 for cosmetic purposes, BOTOX® Cosmetic has been shaving years off patients’ faces by the millions. Spa Medical’s injectors know the art of muscle manipulation with neuromodulators in order to achieve a natural, great result. Terri Harper’s expertise with BOTOX® Cosmetic injections is internationally recognized; she’s taught thousands of medical providers the art of injecting BOTOX® Cosmetic. 

Dysport® is FDA approved and similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic with trace protein differences which may make it act slightly differently. It may take effect quicker, last longer or less time depending on the individual’s metabolism of the drug. Furrows between the brows can be treated with Dysport® and are a result of frowning or scowling (such as at a computer screen). Dysport® relaxes the muscle helping the skin diminish visible lines and preventing new ones from forming.

Jeuveau® has recently burst onto the scene in 2019 as a third FDA approved alternative to BOTOX® Cosmetic. With a slightly different formula and manufacturing process, it has proven to be just as effective as the other drugs used for cosmetic concerns. All three neuromodulators have unique qualities providing more options for individual needs.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you’re tired of appearing haggard or looking older than you feel, and you want the best treatment available by the best providers, you may be an ideal candidate for Spa Medical’s neurotoxin treatments. Feel Young? Look Young!®  Neurotoxins are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

What is Treatment Like?

Your facial structure and specific concerns dictate the details of your treatment plan and quantity of neurotoxin, determining the number of injections required. The product is injected with a tiny needle creating a sensation similar to tapping your fingernail on the skin.  While some areas of the face are more sensitive than others, most patients report an average of 1 on a pain scale of 1-10. At Spa Medical we strive to respect your busy schedule so our goal is to provide timely treatments with very little waiting. A typical BOTOX® Cosmetic appointment is between 15-30 minutes.

It’s Just 3 Easy Steps…

make an appointment

to receive a customized treatment plan

enjoy a relaxing environment

during your treatment/procedure

Look & Feel Younger

because you deserve it

It’s Just 3 Easy Steps…

make an appointment

to receive a customized treatment plan

enjoy a relaxing environment

during your treatment/procedure

Look & Feel Younger

because you deserve it

What are the Results?*

Depending on the neurotoxin that’s best for you, you’ll begin to see results between 3 and 10 days while lasting an average of 3 months. Your wrinkles will relax and your skin will smooth out while your facial expressions are only minimally compromised. There are no surprised or frozen looks with Spa Medical’s artistic neurotoxin techniques. You’ve come to the best.

Is There Downtime?

There is typically no downtime with these types of treatments.  You can return to work or enjoy an evening out immediately following treatment.

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*Individual Results May Vary




"I’m a baby when it comes to pain, so thankfully Terri numbs my lips so that I do not feel a thing! Having my spider vein treatment wasn’t bad at all! There were some pricks I didn’t feel while others felt slightly uncomfortable, but lasted only a second."



"Since my first visit as a patient, I have felt secure in knowing that Terri has my best interests in mind. I am 60 years old and thanks to Terri and her team, I continue to look as young as I feel. I would not go anywhere else for aesthetic treatments and skincare products!"



"When I make the decision to invest in Restylane®, I feel more youthful which leads to better choices. Small tweaks add up to monumental changes in my life."


*Individual Results May Vary.