Chemical Peels

Have you always wanted to try a chemical peel but were unsure of which one, what to expect or if it was right for you?

Chemical peels may sound harsh, but the reality is that much of the top layer of skin reflects underlying damage from the sun, environment as well as the impurities that cling to these imperfections.  Chemical peels are an excellent way of removing damaged skin and jump-starting correction so that your complexion reflects the glow of healthy skin. You can uncover clear, radiant skin with a simple chemical peel. Spa Medical’s aestheticians can determine which of our three peels suit your skin type and concerns.  It’s time for Better Looking® skin!

How Do Chemical Peels Work?

Chemical peels are a safe and effective way to exfoliate your skin. The top layer is a reflection of the underlying health of your skin. By removing the damaged upper layer along with impurities, discoloration and uneven texture, in turn, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and acne conditions are addressed and improved. By removing this layer, chemical peels pave the way for newer, fresher skin to rise to the surface.

Medium Depth Peels (peeling around day 3)

The Vi Peel is available only through medical practitioners because the active ingredients need to be tailored to the specific patient’s skin. Your Spa Medical provider will help determine if you need the formula for aging and pigmentation concerns or acne and associated post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Pre-treatment, although not required will yield the best results. (Consultation Advised Prior to Day of Peel)

Superficial Peels (minimal skin flaking, no downtime)

The ZO® Stimulator Facial is a lighter peel, gentle enough to leave skin radiant and glowing without downtime but strong enough to stimulate cellular turnover. Multiple treatments can give you a greater depth of care without having to go deep all at once.

The SkinBetter Science Peel is a light and gentle peel that accelerates the exfoliation process while reducing the signs of aging and sun damage. There is no downtime with this treatment and you are able to go about your daily routine without peeling.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Chemical peels have so many depths and strengths, they can be tailored for just about anyone. Visit Spa Medical today to discuss your skin concerns and see which is right for you. Most chemical peels are not approved for pregnant or lactating women.

What is Treatment Like?

It is best to arrive at your appointment with clean skin, after reviewing the selected procedure and post-care instructions, photos of your skin will be taken. Once you are comfortably situated in the treatment room, the peel solution is applied to your skin. After the prescribed time, the solution is neutralized and your Spa Medical aesthetic specialist will apply the additional skincare products that are part of your treatment regimen.  At Spa Medical we believe in providing a relaxing and comfort controlled experience. An at-home skincare regimen will be prescribed for the ongoing support of your results as well as continuous improvement of overall skin health.

It’s Just 3 Easy Steps…

make an appointment

to receive a customized treatment plan

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Look & Feel Younger

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It’s Just 3 Easy Steps…

make an appointment

to receive a customized treatment plan

enjoy a relaxing environment

during your treatment/procedure

Look & Feel Younger

because you deserve it

Is There Downtime?

There may be social downtime for a few days as your skin may flake and peel to reveal the renewed skin beneath.  For medium-depth peels like the Vi Peel or ZO®’s 3 Step Peel, expect notable peeling to begin approximately 2 days after your treatment, the skin will shed actively for 3 days and residual flaking will typically last till the end of the week. 

What are the Results?*

There’s a reason chemical peels are frequently considered preparation for big events like weddings or celebrations—they leave the skin radiant, glowing, and touchably soft. Refresh your complexion at Spa Medical today.

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"Since my first visit as a patient, I have felt secure in knowing that Terri has my best interests in mind. I am 60 years old and thanks to Terri and her team, I continue to look as young as I feel. I would not go anywhere else for aesthetic treatments and skincare products!"



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*Individual Results May Vary.