Micro-Needling Services in Macon, GA

Micro-needling is a procedure that involves using a pen-like device with a disposable tip of tiny needles to aerate the skin. The needles make holes in the skin that are practically invisible to the naked eye and cause no bleeding or scabbing. Spa Medical’s Macon and Warner Robins offices offer the Micro-needling procedure, which is a non-ablative treatment, meaning that the top layer of skin is left untouched while still affecting deeper skin layers.

Benefits of Micro-needling:

The micro-needling procedure has many restorative and enhancement benefits. Aerating the skin allows for a more effective way to infuse products into the skin, allowing the product to penetrate further into the skin layers, and works as an enhancer for many other products.

Other Benefits of Micro-needling:

  • Accomplishes the same result as other procedures that require downtime (i.e. ablative lasers) with no harmful or painful side effects
  • Stimulates collagen growth
  • Enhances other products or treatments being used
  • Improves thickness and durability of the skin
  • Can reduce wrinkles
  • Can reduce acne scarring and discoloration
Micro-needling is used in conjunction with the Vampire Facial, created by Dr. Charles Runels. Click here to learn about the Vampire Facial.


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