Q: What are the benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic?

A.   The short term benefit of BOTOX® Cosmetic is skin tightening and an increased youthful appearance by decreasing fine lines. The long term benefit of having BOTOX® Cosmetic performed on a consistent basis lies in its preventative nature. By decreasing the lines and wrinkles in the face, BOTOX® Cosmetic is able to maintain the skin’s integrity and prevent lines and wrinkles from forming in the future.

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Q: What skincare products do you recommend?

A.    At Spa Medical, we have a variety of prescriptive-grade skincare products and we make recommendations based on individual needs and skin types.

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Q: What are your fees & payment options?

A.   Service fees are contingent upon individual patient needs and will be determined during consultation. Payments are expected at the time services are received. We gladly accept all credit cards, as well as American Express. In addition, we offer a cosmetic fee payment plan, CareCredit. All of our services and treatments are considered cosmetic and are not covered by medical insurance plans. Because Spa Medical is a medical office, gratuities for services are not expected.

Q: When do I need to check-in for my appointment?

A.   We understand how frustrating it can be to wait in an office.  In an effort to extend excellent service, we strive for no longer than a 10-minute wait. You will receive your initial paperwork via email to complete at home at your convenience. Feel free to arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment when you may choose to take advantage of our exclusive Stressless Chairs located in our comfortable Relaxation Room. Our only request is that you be on time for your treatment, as we cannot extend your treatment time in consideration for our other guests. Avoid a cancellation fee by letting us know if you cannot keep your appointment. We offer 24-hour voicemail for your convenience.

Q: Are non-surgical skin improvement procedures really effective?

A.   Definitely! Many skin imperfections such as discoloration, rosacea, laxity, and wrinkling can be successfully treated without surgery. The results can be dramatic.

Millions of women across the country agree! Check out these numbers:

  • 13 million non-surgical cosmetic procedures in 2012 in the USA
  • 6.1 million BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments in 2012
  • 2 million dermal filler treatments in 2012
  • 1.6 million chemical peels in 2012
  • 6% increase in these treatments from 2011

– American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Q: What is the Medical Spa experience like?

A.   Unlike a traditional medical office, Spa Medical is unique. Imagine yourself in the plush, beautiful surroundings that feature classic décor, exquisite detail, and a breathtaking atrium at its center. Private, comfortable treatment rooms and a relaxing common area, hosting a beverage center, are coupled with personalized, professional, medical care.

Q: What is a Medical Spa?

A.   A medical spa is a facility where medical professionals perform or supervise skin enhancement and anti-aging procedures in a soothing, relaxed spa atmosphere. Men and women alike are realizing the many benefits of surgical and non-surgical skin enhancements that go far beyond what is offered at standard day spas.