Dull/Dry Skin

Does dull or dry skin leave you thirsty for improvement?

Hydration is a key component in taking care of your skin, but sometimes, even the best over-the-counter products aren’t enough. If you’re frustrated with a dull complexion, or dry skin has dampened your glow, let Spa Medical refresh your skin with top-notch treatments and skincare products.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

Skincare essentials are Spa Medical’s first line of defense against a dull or dry complexion. Our expert aestheticians thoroughly analyze your skin’s condition and recommend the most effective solutions for your needs, so your skincare routine is at its best without expensive treatments and procedures.

HydraFacial® is considered more effective than Intense Pulsed Light laser treatments for dry or dull skin, and Spa Medical has earned HydraFacial®’s Black Diamond status as a provider. HydraFacial™ thoroughly cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates while infusing your skin with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Heal your complexion while pampering yourself with this indulgent experience. Once your in-office treatment is complete, your at-home daily care routine takes over to keep your skin moisturized and glowing.

Chemical peels restore your skin’s health by removing the top layer of skin, where sun damage and impurities are most prolific. Beneath this layer lives healthy, moisturized, glowing skin just waiting to be revealed. At Spa Medical, you control the depth and intensity with the medical-grade, fully customizable VI Peel, the ZO® 3 Step Peel with its proprietary retinol formula, or the ZO® Stimulator Facial Peel, gentler than the others with no downtime.

Dermaplaning is a simple procedure that is effective for all skin types and all medical conditions, even pregnancy! Using a medical-grade blade, all of the vellus, fine hair and dead skin cells are removed leaving fresh, glowing skin. An additional benefit of this procedure is that it gives your current skincare regime a boost as products are readily absorbed on freshly exfoliated skin. Dermaplaning is completely painless and takes less than 30 minutes. You are sure to walk away with confidence that your skin feels and looks its best!

It’s Just 3 Easy Steps…

make an appointment

to receive a customized treatment plan

enjoy a relaxing environment

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Look & Feel Younger

because you deserve it

It’s Just 3 Easy Steps…

make an appointment

to receive a customized treatment plan

enjoy a relaxing environment

during your treatment/procedure

Look & Feel Younger

because you deserve it

What are the Results?*

Regardless of the treatment option you choose, your skin is well cared for at Spa Medical. We give you the treatment, knowledge, and products you need to hydrate, renew, and refresh your dull, dry complexion for skin so beautiful, you’ll shine. Ageless Beauty Starts Here®.

Is There Downtime?

Chemical peels may require a day or two of social downtime. HydraFacial® is considered decadent pampering rather than a procedure to be endured.

Spa Medical is dedicated to helping our patients revitalize and rejuvenate their skin. Call us today to find out how.

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At Spa Medical, we are committed to providing our clients with effective treatments by licensed, medical personnel. All of our staff are experts in their fields and are dedicated to treating each patient with compassion and professionalism.

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*Individual Results May Vary




"I’m a baby when it comes to pain, so thankfully Terri numbs my lips so that I do not feel a thing! Having my spider vein treatment wasn’t bad at all! There were some pricks I didn’t feel while others felt slightly uncomfortable, but lasted only a second."



"When Terri told me about the Vampire Facelift® I was really excited to try it. The benefits of a facelift without surgery? I'm in! I can have 5 Vampire Facelifts® in the next 10 years for the price of 1 facelift. Great results without surgery and without pain. I Love it!"



"When I make the decision to invest in Restylane®, I feel more youthful which leads to better choices. Small tweaks add up to monumental changes in my life."


*Individual Results May Vary.


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