Nicole's Story

Featured Service: Filler For Lips, Spider Vein Treatment

“I’m a baby when it comes to pain, so thankfully Terri numbs my lips so that I do not feel a thing! Having my spider vein treatment wasn’t bad at all! There were some pricks I didn’t feel while others felt slightly uncomfortable but lasted only a second.”

Nicole's Thoughts

“Spa Medical has excellent customer service and do an awesome job no matter the treatment. Terri has always made me feel comfortable in her chair and is always available for any expert advice I may need!”

Nicole's Story

“God did not bless me with perfectly plump lips. Before, I never wore lipstick because I felt it didn’t matter – you could hardly see my lips anyway. I have the best time with lipstick, glosses, and liners now that I have gorgeously plump lips. I had my spider veins treated because I was embarrassed by how my legs looked when I wore shorts. Eleven years of standing because of my profession had definitely taken its toll.”