What happens if you stop getting Botox®?

What happens if you stop getting Botox® after several treatments? This is a very valid question that I get regularly. The reason that Botox® smooths out the skin so effectively is because it relaxes the muscles in the face, so what happens if you decide to discontinue the treatments? Does the face droop even more? Do the lines get even deeper?

Botox®, or any neurotoxin, works on the muscle that is attached to the skin. As the muscle contracts or moves, so does the skin. When we’re young, under the age of 30, the skin bounces back into place after the muscle moves it. The skin reaps the fringe benefit of lack of muscle movement, if you will. However, as we age, the skin loses elasticity and it gets thinner. When that occurs, the skin doesn’t return to its smooth, relaxed state when the muscle relaxes, and a line or crease may form in the skin.   After years of muscle movement, the line or crease stays in the skin.

Botox® relaxes the muscle and in most cases will relax the skin as well decreasing or smoothing the line. Viola! No wrinkles! Youthful! Natural! That’s good news for those of us who want our young skin back; however, this fabulous result is temporary and treatment must be repeated, usually within 3-4 months. So what happens if someone decides not to continue with Botox®?

If Botox® is discontinued after repeated use, the patient will maintain some benefit and may not return to completely to baseline.   After years of no skin crunching and crease making, the skin has basically been preserved for the length of time Botox® was effective. You could say that the years of Botox® had significant preventative, anti-aging value. So the answer is NO, your face does not fall off, you do not have excessive droopiness and your face does not suddenly have shar-pei dog wrinkling. The positive anti-aging effects of Botox® may benefit you indefinitely! You will always regain total mobility of the area, regardless of how long you received Botox®, which will in turn, increase lines and creases on the face. With the appearance of increased wrinkling, most people start the cycle over again…… It’s far better to remain consistent with Botox® injections for life long benefit. But, in case you decide to take a hiatus, you’re safe!