This Simple Treatment for Teeth Grinding May Pleasantly Surprise You!

The effects of stress from our fast paced lives manifests itself in so many ways, but one of the more painful consequences is grinding your teeth. At Spa Medical, we have the answers for many of your stress concerns, including teeth grinding, and the treatment is one of our most trusted, widely used resources. The answer might surprise you, but it’s Botox!

Teeth grinding is one of those troublesome, anxious habits that can be very painful for your jaw and expensive for your pockets. Flattened or fractured teeth, hearing loss, and even a change in the appearance of the face can all be consequences of this nightly routine.

For many years, men and women have suffered the horrible consequences of teeth grinding with little to no effective treatment options. People either succumbed to pharmaceutical medication with even more side effects to help their anxiety or wore a mouth guard that may prevent flattened or fractured teeth, but would not stop the grinding.

Thankfully, Botox has come to the rescue as both a symptom reducing and cost effective treatment.

Botox makes perfect sense to help with this condition when you think about what Botox actually does: it relaxes muscles. Often going haywire during your sleep cycle, the masseter muscle is responsible for teeth grinding; however, add Botox to the mix to slacken the muscle, and it’s a recipe for much needed alleviation from the pain and prevention for future cracked teeth.

The best part is, Botox is a fast and painless procedure!

Here at Spa Medical, you are in trusted, professional hands that desire to pamper you from the moment you walk in the door. The procedure only takes about ten minutes and the couple of pinches are so tiny, you can hardly feel it. Although I’ve performed this procedure so many times I could practically do it in my sleep, I make sure every client feels comfortable with each step.

But wait, the news gets better! To put the cherry on top, many men and women are pleasantly surprised by the enhanced beauty benefits. Not only are most symptoms drastically reduced, but the Botox can also slim your jaw, making your cheekbones stand out even more! The most common injection cosmetically also happens to be the very one to help with teeth grinding. Two birds killed with one stone: Botox for the win!