10 Things that Hurt Worse than Botox®

Botox®. The greatest anti-aging innovation. Ever. Period. I can’t think of one thing better than a product that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, can help with migraines and even excessive sweating. If you aren’t sprinting out the door to find someone who injects Botox® my guess is you are afraid it will hurt. Spa Medical is here to ease your mind, and the pain, with 10 things that hurt worse than Botox®…

  1. A bee sting.
  2. Your infrequent (or frequent) hang nail.
  3. Tripping over that curb in the parking lot with open toe shoes.
  4. Your workday papercut.
  5. Pulling out a nose hair.
  6. Tweezing your brows.
  7. Burning your finger on the flat iron.
  8. Your yearly pap smear.
  9. Seeing your ex with a younger, hotter version of yourself.

And finally…

  1. Getting your upper lip waxed.

If you can endure any of these then Botox® will be a breeze!