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At Spa Medical, we have researched many different products that can help restore your skin to a more youthful appearance. We understand that not every person’s skin is the same, so we always look for solutions that will meet your individual situation.

Our knowledgeable staff can meet with you to discuss your goals and determine which product will work best for you. During your consultation, we will carefully analyze your skin using skin analysis devices to obtain objective data regarding sun damage, fine lines, redness, etc.


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Lampe Berger

Spa Medical is a proud retailer of Lampe Berger. A Lampe Berger cleans the air, destroys odors, and perfumes enclosed spaces like no other system. This system does not simply “mask” undesirable odor molecules, it destroys them, leaving the air fresh and purified.

Other Boutique Items

  • Fine European Soaps
  • Sposh: Posh Spa Linens to make your bed at home as comfortable as ours!
  • Microfiber Spa Wraps and more

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