Microblading in Macon, GA




Microblading is the act of using a hand tool to deposit pigment into the skin at the eyebrow area. The method is done with small strokes that mimic the width of actual hair. Microblading is the most natural form of eyebrow tattooing that allows you to have full brows every day without having to fill them in with makeup.


The two step procedure is semi- permanent and while it differs from person to person, the results typically last between one and two years. Maintenance and touch-up appointments are recommended every year. At the initial appointment the brows will be mapped out and created to the desire shape. A good baseline of strokes is applied to establish the shaped and fulness desires. Within 30-60 days of the initial treatment a touch up will be provided to include more detailed strokes, create more fullness or darken the color if desired.



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