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The Botox® Experience at Spa Medical

Did you know that Botox® is the #1 non-surgical treatment worldwide? Right here in Macon and Warner Robins, Ga, Spa Medical is the premier place to receive Botox® treatments – discover Botox® treatments at Spa Medical. Our Clinical Director, Terri Harper, is an expert in Botox® injections because of her skilled artistic ability to create natural expressions and proportions in the face. She has been a certified Botox® trainer with Aesthetic Advancements for 15 years, teaching courses to physicians and practitioners across the country.

Dr. Charles Runels, creator of the Vampire Facelift, took Terri’s class and said, “Six weeks ago, when in Atlanta, I met one of the top injectors of Botox® in the country…and she’s a nurse practitioner…and she’s amazing.” See what Dr. Runels is talking about – schedule a Botox® appointment with Terri today!


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Understanding Botox®

There are many misunderstandings concerning Botox® injections and an array of exciting beauty opportunities that most people don’t know about.

Benefits of Botox®

The short term benefit is skin tightening and an increased youthful appearance by decreasing fine lines. The long term benefit of having Botox® performed on a consistent basis lies in its preventative nature. By decreasing the lines and wrinkles in the face, Botox® is able to maintain the skin’s integrity and prevent lines and wrinkles from forming in the future.

  • Provides a youthful appearance
  • Decreasing lines and wrinkles
  • Prevents lines and wrinkles from forming with age
  • Maintains skin integrity

Botox® Depends on the Specialist

Botox® is subjective in nature. There is not a guide or formula that specifies the exact amount or location for the injections. Patients who have had painful experiences or were unhappy with the stiff, unnatural-looking results did not have an injector who understood how to properly place the injection or how to apply the appropriate amount for that individual.

At Spa Medical every patient is evaluated individually and your Botox® treatment will be designed based on your skin type, age, amount of lines, and what you consider your problem areas to be. Terri believes in the importance of understanding the patient’s needs and desires for their Botox® treatment and she will address your main concerns.

Terri Harper has developed an expert artistic ability to inject Botox® painlessly and achieve youthful, natural-looking results while creating great facial proportions.

Botox® Results

Results will appear in 3-5 days and last for 3-4 months. The expert skin care specialists at Spa Medical in Macon,GA recommend that you have treatments consistently in order to prevent future lines from forming.

Botox® Uses

Botox® is not only for people who already have wrinkles and unwanted fine lines. Botox® candidacy is based on expression lines and when they form in the skin. Men and women begin having injections in their early 20s to aid in skin tightening and help prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles later on.

Cosmetic Botox® can be applied to nearly every muscle in the face and neck that is causing a concern for the patient. Most people are not aware of its many uses. For example, did you know that placing a tiny amount of Botox® at the base of the nose in between the nostrils can keep the nose from drooping when you smile?

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