Stop Lying Part 1: Your Age and Botox

The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age!”
-Lucille Ball

At Spa Medical, we are committed to help you stop lying! No more lies about your age or about BOTOX®.  Don’t believe these common lies about Botox®:

  • Lie #1 “It hurt’s too bad and I am a whimp!” Oh come on!  With the Spa Medical technique, it literally feels like tapping your fingernail on your forehead- you feel it, but it last only a second.  I promise you, it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as waxing your brows!
  • Lie #2 “It’s poison!” Actually, Botox® is a purified protein from a bacteria. Almost anything used in a negative, old, rotten, fermented or altered way can become poison, right? Even that delicious (undercooked) burger you splurged on could be (food) poison! Anyway, do you think FDA would approve it for cosmetic reasons if it would poison you? I don’t think so.
  • Lie #3 “It will make me look weird!” Think about it, we are in the business of making people look better. (Please note the word business; like, offer a service, get people to use the service and be pleased with that service and make money doing so.) The last thing in the world we want is for people to leave Spa Medical looking weird or frozen! It would be really bad for business. We’ve mastered the art of keeping a very natural look – just without visible lines covering that pretty face.
  • Lie #4 “If I don’t like it, I’m stuck!” It’s true there is no antidote for Botox® but an experienced injector can often reverse any unwanted effects by manipulating facial muscles to counter the unwanted look i.e. Spock, Joker. At Spa Medical, we know our stuff and will not leave you stranded with an unwanted look, even from another injector. We always say, “Don’t ever feel like you have to live with something that is inadequate or you don’t like, because we can fix both!”
  • Lie #5 “I can’t afford it!” Maybe not, but probably. At Spa Medical, we charge only by the amount that you actually need to get a great result! A couple of nice meals with wine for you and a friend could probably buy you some Botox® that would last 3-4 months instead of hours.  Shoe fetish? Well there you go!  Stuart Weitzman, Prada, ??  And oh- you could get Botox® for a several years instead of that new Louis bag! I think you may be surprised at how little of an investment would go a long way!