The Mysteries of Online Product Purchasing

Purchasing and using skin care products should not be a mystery.  However, purchasing products online can be the start of your skincare mystery with unanswered questions.  Are these products authentic? What is the expiration date? Were they stored at the correct temperature? Do I understand how and when to use them? What if I have an adverse effect from one of the products? The answer to these questions is unclear when ordering products from online sites (yes, even Amazon!) other than the approved manufacturer.
Before purchasing online, save yourself some trouble and email or give us a call. We make it very convenient and easy for you these 3 ways:
1. We carry some of the most popular and effective product lines
2. We offer customer support with product     instructions and help you with any issues you encounter
3. We offer free shipping!
More importantly, don’t forget that every dollar spent at Spa Medical counts towards your
Savvy in the City
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