Why I Don’t Do Groupon

I have received several emails and texts regarding a Groupon® for sclerotherapy (spider vein treatment) from a local competitor. Thank you to everyone for the heads up!  I feel compelled to write and let you know:


1. We have spent 10+ years building our clientele based on our contemporary knowledge of our field, exemplary treatments, and outcomes.   We honor the trust and relationships we have developed. We would never want to compromise that trust by offering “cheap” deals just to get tons of new patients.  When we offer specials, they are for our established patients directly- not through a third party- as a thank you for their trust in us.

2. Our goal is to spend as much time as needed with each patient and never make him or her feel rushed or “herded” in and out.  We know our patients have busy schedules and so we strive to have short wait times.  We have no desire to fill our relaxation/ waiting room with bargain hunters who are only interested in services for the bargain and not the true value.

3. We offer our patients the best treatments, with the finest products available, without cutting corners!  Groupon® business users get 1/4 of the normal price for the featured product or service.  Do the math!  It’s just risky business.  In order to not LOSE money, something has to be cut, diluted, shortened, etc. or perhaps it is used as a means to gain experience for the featured item/service.  Get the picture??

I had a patient recently who was a Groupon® victim.  She had recently invested a larger amount of money for Botox® and fillers.  She succumbed to the lure of a Groupon® for laser treatments which promised to make you skin look 10 years younger.  Within 2 weeks all of her filler investment was completely wasted as the laser “melted” the filler.  She, needless to say, was sick!  Lesson: never get laser treatments on top of recent filler!  Any experienced aesthetic practitioner will warn you about that.


I also had a patient who came in with a droopy eyelid who had followed the bargain of a Groupon®.  This is a rare complication of Botox® that is typically injector dependent- not always.  However, in this case, the patient returned to her original injector who proceeded to “tweak” and created a worse problem.


I have come to believe, experientially, that Groupon® coupons may be great for pizza or manicures, but don’t trust your desire to save a few dollars to a medical treatment!

So beware of Groupon® deals and remember what your Mama taught you:  “You get what you pay for!”


Terri Harper, APRN, NP-C