10 Things that are More Expensive than Botox®

True or False? Botox® is an incredible medical innovation created only for the affluent. FALSE.

True or False? The only people who actually receive Botox® treatments are celebrities and those in the public eye. FALSE.

True or False? Botox® is actually affordable. TRUE.

Botox® is no longer a medical treatment that is only for the rich and famous. Botox® is everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean, it is in the face of many of your closest friends. Don’t believe me? Here is a list of 10 things that are more expensive than Botox®…

  1. Your husband’s weekly golf game
  2. Dinner for two with wine and dessert at your favorite white tablecloth restaurant
  3. Those Jimmy Choo shoes you have been eyeing for weeks
  4. Your monthly grocery bill
  5. Your husbands gun habit
  6. Your quarterly cable and internet bill
  7. Your health insurance premiums
  8. Your new car payment
  9. A new Michael Kors purse
  10. Maybe even your hair cut and color, and it definitely last longer!


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