Skin Medica

The skin care specialists at Spa Medical are proud to offer the Skin Medica skin care system, carrying a wide variety of products designed to cleanse, tone, rejuvenate, brighten, anti-age, moisturize, and protect from sun damage. A few other products Skin Medica offers include a complete acne system, redness relief calmplex, and scar recovery gel.

Within the Skin Medica line, Spa Medical’s specialists especially recommend:

TNS Essential Serum

TNS Essential Serum and TNS Recovery Complex both contain Tissue Nutrient Solution (TNS) which combines growth factors and other elements of the skin that promote rejuvenation.

Growth factors are proteins that naturally exist in the skin and support healthy skin and skin structure.

Lytera Skin Brightening System

Lytera helps improve areas of the skin that appear discolored or dull. This non-hydroquinone formula reduces the appearance of dark spots and brings out a more even, natural-looking skin tone.

The Lytera Skin Brightening System is easy to use, just twice daily, and results can be seen in only four weeks with heightened improvement as use continues.

Eye Treatment Solutions

If you are tired of the dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, and puffiness surrounding your eyes, there is no better time to try Skin Medica’s TNS Illuminating Eye Cream or the Uplifting Eye Serum.

An award-winning treatment, TNS Illuminating Eye Cream is lightweight and reduces the appearance of those unwanted dark circles and fine lines. The Uplifting Eye Serum is an oil-free gel that takes away the puffiness around the eyes.

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Brilliant Distinctions Program

Brilliant Distinctions is an exclusive loyalty program that allows you to earn points when you purchase products or services and, in turn, use those points to create coupons of monetary value that may be used towards your next purchase. Brilliant Distinctions can be applied towards Skin Medica products.

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