Like Mother, Like Daughter. The Truth About Your Mother’s Genes

And no, not the ones she used to wear. Her actual DNA is what we are talking about here.

Have you ever talked with your mother about aging? You aren’t the only one. According to Galderma’s commissioned survey more than half of mothers and daughters never discuss it. I suppose it is normal to not discuss aging, but, why don’t we? Aging is inevitable and it is important we, as mothers and daughters, discuss the genetics of facial aging.

Why is that so important? According to the Galderma commissioned Mother-Daughter Facial Aging Study 67% of moms and daughters say they frequently worry about their face showing signs of aging and 77% of daughters say they worry about their face showing signs of aging even more if they are going to age just like their mothers.

We are made up of approximately 24,000 genes. That is about 3 billion base pairs of DNA and every one of those you get from your parents, like it or not. From sugar cravings to crows feet you are genetically pre-disposed to looking, at least in some capacity, like your mom. External factors like sun exposure and whether or not you smoke certainly influence aging, but your genes play a major role in how many wrinkles you will have, sagging skin, age spots and everything else that develops as you age. Terri always says, “Genetics is the ‘trump card’ of aging. You can play the cards of sun exposure, face washes/creams and even sunscreen, but the determining factor of your rate of aging is genetics! Look closely at the parent that you look like, know where you are headed, then let’s do something about it! Fortunately, we now have the tools in our toolbox to slow down and even reverse, some aging trends.” It is important to know you may age like your mom in more ways than one and if that scares you, you should talk about it and take action.

When it comes to anti-aging treatments 66% of Moms and 77% of Daughters said they would be more interested in treatments that produce natural-looking results. May I suggest taking a good look at your provider before committing to having a treatment done? The way your provider looks is a good indication of their beliefs and approach to anti-aging treatments. If their forehead is frozen you can bet yours will be too. Do your research and go to several consultations at different places to ensure you make the best educated decision on where to have your treatment done.

And ladies, listen to your mom. When she says, “Don’t make that face it could get stuck like that!”, there may be some truth. You may think she comes across as a know it all, but, I have news for you. She has been around longer than you and has lived through more than you. You might want to take her life advice, especially when it comes to taking care of your skin.  According to the Galderma study 24% of women said the best advice their mom gave them about skincare was to hydrate while 19% of women said the best advice she gave them was wearing SPF and 11% of them said sleep was the best advice she gave them for taking care of their skin. While my mom tells me to “Be gentle with my skin, start using quality products while your skin is young, drink plenty of water, stay away from the sun, don’t smoke and don’t eat suckers/lollipops”. What would your mom say?

You should ask because 82% of mothers admitted that they hope facial aging is easier for their daughters than it was for them. And with all the advancements in anti-aging technology and information I have reason to believe aging can be easier for you if you commit to taking care of your skin now. And if that means getting a facial treatment from a specialist 81% of mothers support their daughter having these types of treatments. 75% of moms acknowledged they would like to look 10 or more years younger. Don’t let that be you. Talk to your mom about aging and start taking care of your skin. You will be glad you did.


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